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Daria has always been interested in Photography.

 Her pictures have been published in The Independent newspaper, Balletto 2000 magazine, Dance Europe and the Dancing Times, also several books and magazines throughout Europe, including Glamour Magazine, have published her work.

She was a finalist in the prestigious Channel 4 Y2K Competition and has exhibited at the Photographers Gallery in London, the Royal Albert Hall, the National Theatre and several other galleries in Prague and at the Czech Centres in New York, Warsaw and Berlin. This coming summer of 2010 will see her having her second exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Many Dance organisations, including English National Ballet, frequently use her pictures for promotion and for many years Daria published the official English National Ballet Calendar herself.

She has photographed the Wear Moi Dance Wear catalogue and then was recomissioned to do all their new website images. The National Theatre and the Bila Labut Gallery in Prague are both due to stage another exhibition of her photographs this coming winter. 

Finally there will be an exhibition of 50 examples of her work at the Royal Albert Hall, during the run of Swan Lake  there in June 2010.